The Homo Vampirous Chronicles

Book 1: Legacy Of Ashes

For the near extinct vampire race, starvation has been a way of life for centuries.
That is about to change.

Former Delta Force operative, David Collins, thinks being left for dead by a merciless killer is the worst thing that could ever happen to him…
He’s wrong.

The cold-blooded vampire killer, Khristina Sidarov, thinks that the vampire menace has become even deadlier…
She’s right.

The ruthless vampire, Claude Schmidt, thinks his plan to kill billions and bring forth the new age is foolproof…
It isn’t.

“Legacy of Ashes” is Book 1 in the Homo Vampirous Chronicles, an apocalyptic vampire horror.

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The Apocalypse Prophecies

Book 1: The First Seal

If you could survive the coming apocalypse, would you envy the dead?

Giles Horn is a man of wealth, power and unspeakable destiny.
The sole owner of one of the world’s largest corporations, he controls the economic fate of whole countries.
Horn is also a sociopath, a megalomaniac and a man who wants to see the world burn.
For Horn is the Antichrist, the one who will bring the end of all things.

There is only one force on Earth that can oppose him.
A secret order of religious assassins known only as Inquisitors.

“The First Seal” is book 1 of a 7 book apocalyptic horror series recounting the final days of human civilisation.

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The Lazarus Strain Chronicles

Book 1: The Spread

Scientists told us the dead would never walk the Earth. They were wrong.

They call it Lazarus. A virus so deadly that it kills and resurrects virtually everybody it infects. Bangkok becomes the first city to fall to the unstoppable army of the undead…but this is only the beginning. By the time the news channels are reporting on the devastated Thai capital, the virus has already spread around the globe.
Growing, infecting…spreading.

One by one reports come in from other countries. The dead are getting back up… and they’re killing everything in their path.
In the UK, clandestine government agent Nick Carter and his team find themselves faced with their deadliest enemy yet as they are forced to deal with the countries first outbreak.

Yet in the depths of this tragedy, they find a glimmer of hope. A woman, a single survivor from the outbreak, someone whose blood might hold the secret to defeating the virus. Could she be humanities only chance of salvation?

Or is it already too late?

The Spread, a zombie novel, is the first book in the Lazarus Strain Chronicles. If you enjoy reading about the fall of man under the relentless onslaught of the zombie hordes, then you will enjoy this no-holds-barred story.

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The Necropolis Trilogy

Book 1: Cobra Z

What if one day you find your world suddenly torn apart? Entranced by your daily routine, you hear the terrifying news that makes your blood run cold. A devastating man made virus has been unleashed on the world, a virus so lethal that it rapidly turns everyone it infects into rabid, blood crazed killers. Maniacs so devoid of humanity that their only goal in life is to rip the flesh from your very body, and kill or infect the people you love the most. Would you panic? Would you rush from your desk in a frantic attempt to save your children? Would you hunker down, and hope the infection somehow passes you by, praying to whatever God you think will help? And what if the very people you care for so deeply are the ones clawing at your door, their blood smeared faces screaming for the destruction of your soul?

How would you survive in such a world? And would you want to?

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