But what can ONE person do?

You see that the country is collapsing into a fetid pit of paper pushing, over regulation and newspeak, and yet you do nothing. After all what on earth can you do? You are but one man/woman. Someone forgot to tell Rosa Parks that.

You sit at home, watching your TV and mumble softly into your Shiraz because there is nothing you can do. Someone obviously forgot to tell Gandhi that.

Another regulation is dumped on you from a great height and you grumble, but carry on regardless because there is nothing you can do. Someone forgot to tell Martin Luther King that there was nothing he could do.

You voted for the Lab/Lib/Con/SNP/Trump/Dems…or whatever, but you forgot that their best intentions would be destroyed by the beast that is government and their own corrupt self interests, so you carry on regardless because there is nothing you can do. If only someone had told Lech Walesa this.

You read the Daily Mail and chunter about the madness you see there. But again you do nothing because there is nothing you can do. If only Nelson Mandela had listened to the naysayers


Your children might come to you 10 years from now and ask you WHY you let this all happen. Then again, they might be so enraptured by social media and whatever replaces the smart phone that they might not care.

And if the do ask, you will answer that you were afraid. You were afraid of being judged. you were afraid you will be ridiculed. You were afraid that the agents would come knocking on your door and ask you for your “papers”. You were afraid of the regulators, the lawyers and your peers. You were afraid that you were wrong. And even worse, you were afraid that you were right.

Can we look our children in the eye and say we are handing over a world fit for them to live in?

I merely ask the question

That’s the way it looks from here…



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