The Antichrist

A few months ago (actually pre-COVID) I woke up one morning with a thought. What if there was a secret sect of Catholic assassins running around ridding the world of demons. That initially morphed into the idea for a short story, hence Inquisitor Wrath (ASIN : B084B1TZ2V).

But then I got to thinking. If demons were a story, what about their old boss, that Satan dude. And if Satan was in the equation, why surely that meant the Antichrist had to pop his head up. And as the Antichrist would only ever come dancing onto the scene during the end of the world, that brought onto the table to the biblical book of Revelation.

And that’s how the First Seal got written.  It’s an apocalyptic play by play, following the earth and its hapless inhabitants as each of the seven seals breaks. I’m in the middle of writing the fifth seal, so can see the book series being over in the new year.

Some good Christmas reading for you. Tell your friends 🙂

The Antichrist has been portrayed dozens of times, so I wanted my depiction to be as unique as possible. To me, the Antichrist has to display all the characteristics that represent the worst traits of humanity. But he also needed to be charismatic and ruthlessly successful. A bloke living in a trailer park isn’t going to have the international influence needed to change the world. A multi-billionaire owner of one of the worlds largest corporations would.

The son of Satan certainly wouldn’t bother being a politiican…that isn’t where the true power is. And that’s how the character of Giles Horn evolved.

The notion of the book has upset a few people, however. Based on the response to the Facebook adverts I’ve placed, some people don’t like the thought of religion being the basis of horror fiction, even though that’s been a stapled for Hollywood and authors for over a hundred years. Unfortunately, it’s going to carry on, mainly I feel because Christianity is still the dominant religion in the west and because most of the other religions don’t have the same amount of apocalyptic texts to feed off.

I would have thought fiction would have been the ideal format to get their message out, but then I know I have a biased and flawed opinion on that.

There really isn’t any other source material as rich, unfortunately. The book of Revelation is pretty unique in its end of the world wonderment. So if you are a Christian and were looking to read this, know that, whilst I’ve not gone out of my way to defame the religion, some of the characters will have a less than flattering view of it. After all, there are a whole host of demons you will be introduced to, and eventually the cuddly Satan himself.

Fortunately, we aren’t even close to being in the end times, although we are heading into dystopian fun and games. You might have noticed, but the governments of the world are using this COVID stuff to strip you of the rights you thought you had. Some countries are worse than others, but most of them are playing the same game in one way or another.

Maybe I’m going to have to write dystopian fiction from now on. Or would that cut too close to the bone?



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  1. Frankly, I love the concept. I have read other fictional interpretations of the end times, and always find thoughtful and interesting theories. I know you will have done your homework and studied Revelations in depth, so it has to be a well written story. I’d love to be one of your ARC readers!

  2. I am a Born-again Christian who has been studying Biblical prophecy for years, I am addicted to your presentation. I pray that your books reach the hands of many. Thank you so much.

  3. The books are brilliantly written, captivating from the outset, with great charachters and the novelty of meeting new and ever more…demonic demons along with the slowly aligning forces for good…well it makes for a compelling and superb set of books. Cant wait for part 5!

  4. Read all the ‘Seal’ books in 5 days. I am shielding here in the UK. Loved them I can only assume there are going to be more as there are, according to Revelation 7 seals. Keep up the good work they were riveting, and hooked me in from the very first.

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