The Fallen Archangel Asmodeus – A short story

Each of the Fallen made themselves into a parody of the natural virtues. Instead of abstinence and charity, Asmodeus became the personification of lust. The demons he spawned were all there to punish those who put Earthly pleasures over all else.

It was a vice easy to take advantage of, his demonic minions there to corrupt. Often, all Asmodeus had to do was sit back and let humanity corrupt themselves. Throughout this work, one might have received the impression that the demonic insurgency to Earth via possession was commonplace. On the contrary, over tens of thousands of years, the majority of the demonic horde never got to experience the Earthly pleasures. Millions of the demonic look at Earth with envious eyes, seeing it as their right.

Most would remain disappointed when the Seven Seals broke, as the Fallen took great pains to only allow a trickle of Hell’s denizens up from the Pit. The Fallen had no reservations, and they were able to find willing vessels to accommodate their power. Any human can accommodate an archangel, if only they would willingly allow the angelic into their spirit. Normally, that results in the human soul being given a taste of Nirvana as it is locked away from the real world. Not so with the Fallen. So corrupted have they become that their sadism will not allow such pleasantries.

Like with demonic possession, having a fallen angel riding your soul is no tea party.

And then, one day, the Fallen broke through the barrier to Earth. That was when the fun really began.

A story about how the Fallen might act should they ever walk the Earth.


They called themselves the Sisters of Fornication, and their philosophy amused the archangel Asmodeus. There were hundreds of them, women who had come together to form a cult of their own design. No man was allowed to pleasure them, for they had pledged themselves to serving only one male phallus. And because Asmodeus had little interest in them, they gained their required pleasure from the joining of the feminine with the feminine.

Asmodeus tolerated their devotion, for he found their efforts were changing human society for the better.

As members of the Fallen went, Asmodeus was particularly unique in the delights he wished to sample on Earth. He had no desire to kill, for that robbed him of his fun. In the depths of Hell, Asmodeus had been in charge of those who sentenced themselves through the sin of lust, and here on Earth, it was his wish to create a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. Those cities of ancient lore had known no hint of restraint or morality, and under Asmodeus’s guidance, he hoped to reduce the human race into a cavorting and sexually obsessed subspecies that had little care for consent or the horrific diseases they might be spreading.

No form of sexual depravity was too low for him, and at Asmodeus’s back, an army of demons waited eagerly to serve those brought down to the very basest level of human depravity.

This was not to claim that pain was not an aspect of his regime, because the pleasures of the flesh came in many forms. In the countries of Australia and New Zealand, as well as the host of Pacific islands that might have otherwise escaped scrutiny, his regime was perhaps the most forgiving in the lives that were spared.

But at what cost to an individual’s immortal soul?

The laws he had established were clear and ruthlessly enforced. And just as in Hell, the people under his dominion had no choice but to descend into a hedonistic madness that risked damnation and madness in so many. If you wanted to eat in his world, you had to prove the depths of human indulgence you were willing to plunge head-first into.

The Sisters of Fornication were an example of this. With their numbers growing, they roamed the city streets in packs in search of women to forcibly convert. They were easy to spot, for they all wore nun’s habits, and little else, and all of them carried the Seal of Satan that spared them the attentions of the vile demonic creatures that had so recently made an appearance.

Pity any man they came across, for in their eyes, the male of the species was deemed inadequate and ripe for the harshest abuse. Even the strongest male caught alone would suffer such severe mutilation that they would be lucky to survive.

Many would beg for death after the sisters had their way.

Ironically, Asmodeus gained little delight in his own fornication. He had tried it, in so many ways, both in Hell and here, and yet the acts performed lacked any real satisfaction. It was as if he had concocted his own personal Hell, where he hunted for some sort of futile release, only to be forever disappointed.

In the last few days, he had become more of a bored voyeur who was starting to realise how limited the real world of man was. In Hell, a soul could suffer endless torment, but on Earth, there were so many ways for a body to die. Asmodeus had waited an eternity for this moment, but it was quickly becoming apparent that his choice of vengeance was flawed at its very core.

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