Our Dystopian future?

People read apocalyptic fiction for different reasons.

To some, it’s just an escape from the daily grind. Some people like the tension that comes with characters constantly having to face impossible situations. To others, it’s a possible insight into a world that might one day appear on their doorstep.

You might even have your own reason as to why you read it. But when it comes to an apocalyptic event like the rising of the zombie hordes or the pending demon apocalypse that I am currently reading about (think book of Revelation, think 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and that pesky Satanic urchin known as the Antichrist) you have to ask yourself two questions:

  • Would you have any chance of surviving?
  • And would you even want to?

I started writing apocalyptic fiction because, early on in my life, I began to notice the fragility in the systems we were building our civilisation on. Millions across the west went about their days blissfully unaware that our world had come perilously close to crashing down more than once.

Do you want some examples?


Those systems we rely so heavily on are now creaking under the weight of COVID 19. The fortunate thing about this Coronavirus is that it is not the disease X the scientists have been warning about for decades. Although it can be lethal, it is not the kind of contagion authors like me write about. The apocalypse from this is more likely to be financial in nature as the reaction by governments across the globe causes us to sink into a deep recession that will most likely lead to a depression.

If you were to class this under the available fictional tropes, where we are heading is more likely dystopian than apocalyptic.

Disease X, if it ever arrives, will burn its way across the planet like the Spanish flu did in 1919, or the black death that killed one-third of the European population. So that’s the good news regarding COVID 19. As bad as it is (and it’s terrible for those who die from it) in the last 100 years we have faced much more severe pandemics and survived.

Let’s hope Disease X gives us a few centuries before it decides to rear its formidable head 😉

That’s the way it looks from here


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